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    Dec 26, 1984 (Age: 35)
    Angeles City, Philippines
    I have this OC (Obsessive-Compulsion Personality disorder) thing. Everything has just got to be organized. My MP3 Files edited through the ID3 Tag with matching photos when they play, My CD/DVD Rack, My computer files has to be in a folder with their filenames neatly organized.<br /><br />I used to be a model when I was younger. Sheesh, I wish I can turn back time or maybe, stay young &amp; pretty. I missed those sexy lingerie photoshoots.<br /><br />I am the party-goer who tends to sip beer in a corner, watching girls &amp; boys ogle with each other. And no, boys don't get to buy me a drink. I'd prefer them MEN.<br /><br />A Gamer Girl. And yes, a sexy one with a very nice &amp; naughty personality. I love PSP, PS2 &amp; PS3 Marathons with my guy friends. Tekken has always been my favorite &amp; classic hits such as Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve &amp; Resident Evil. Right now, I have bought an Xbox 360 and I am loving it!<br /><br />I love skinny jeans. They match nice with my killer heels (No, 3 inches and below are for babies. I wear 4 inches &amp; higher) &amp; boots. Talking about a racy fashion style, I excel in that.<br /><br />A friend described me; &quot;Psychiatrists would love to dissect you... Not because you are crazy or what but they would be puzzled with whats going on your mind &amp; that you have different identities...<br /><br />I kissed a girl before for fun. Whatever...<br /><br />Missing good old times wherein FUN was the center of everything... Now works (Sprint Resolutions Supervisor) got me tied up. Sometimes. : )


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