1. PS4 Owner

    You own a PS4!

    Trophy points: 0

  2. Xbox One Owner

    You own an Xbox One!

    Trophy points: 0

  3. Getting Started

    You have posted 10 times on the forums!

    Trophy points: 5

  4. Getting Known

    10 people have liked your content.

    Trophy points: 5

  5. Troller

    You are the Troll of XPG

    Trophy points: 5

  6. Developer

    Developed 10 HQ Tools or Programs

    Trophy points: 5

  7. Contributor

    You have reached 500 posts!

    Trophy points: 10

  8. Your Content is loved

    You have received 500 likes! You are loved by the community!

    Trophy points: 10

  9. Grammar Nazi

    You have excellent grammar!

    Trophy points: 10

  10. XPG Veteran

    You have been a member of XPG for 1 Year with at least 600+ Posts.

    Trophy points: 10

  11. Call Of Duty God

    You have proved your self to be a COD God in our community.

    Trophy points: 10

  12. Helper

    Your contribution to helping the community has been noticed! Thank you.

    Trophy points: 15

  13. Artist

    You are a skilled Artist

    Trophy points: 15

  14. Gold Gifter

    You have gifted 10 Members Gold Membership. Thank you for you support to the community!

    Trophy points: 15

  15. Editor

    You have posted 15 Articles that have been promoted to the homepage!

    Trophy points: 15

  16. XPG Prince

    You have purchased XPG Lifetime membership!

    Trophy points: 20

  17. Award King

    Own 10 or more awards.

    Trophy points: 20

  18. Uber Contributor

    You Have Reached 1000 Posts! You are a legend!

    Trophy points: 50

  19. Like Collector

    You have received an amazing 1000 likes!

    Trophy points: 50

  20. XPG Addict

    You have proven your self to be addicted to XPG, you have made 2500 posts!

    Trophy points: 50

  21. Knight of XPG

    Your contributions and dedication has finally paid off! Welcome to the moderation team!

    Trophy points: 100

  22. XPG Legend

    You have achieved 10,000 posts! You are officially an XPG legend!

    Trophy points: 120

  23. Token Of Honor

    You have achieved at least 250 Trophy points and 1000 posts and likes.

    Trophy points: 125

  24. XPG King

    You have achieved and mastered every single Award and Trophy on XPG!

    Trophy points: 250