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How to glitch prestige levels, gold guns + more on Black Ops 1 / Xbox One


1. Go to Community
2. Add "Real Force Host" & "-1e+009_XP/0XPmodsv1_" Films to your File Share
3. Watch the "Real Force Host" Film entirely and then end it
4. Watch the "-1e+009_XP/0XPmodsv1_" until he starts moving again
5. Search for a Team Tactical game for a Demolition or Domination
6. Look to see who is host (First to have 4 bars)
7. To get the XP someone that has watch the films has to be host, with so many people trying to do this glitch that should be a problem
8. Start killing yourself in the game and it's working if "-1e+009" pops up after you die and then you should be getting the XP
9. After like the 3rd death you should be level 50 and you keep going until the XP bar says "0 XP NEEDED"
10 Now if you're not host wait until whoever is host to back out
11. If you are host back out if not after host backs out look to see if you're host (First to have 4 bars)
12. Once you are host back out and prestige and go to the main menu as quick as possible
13. Go back to player match and you should be level 50
14. Prestige again if you want to, to get to a certain prestige. Just repeat the process for every prestige until you get to the one you want.
15. Hoped you got to the prestige you wanted Please Leave A Like & Subscribe!


(FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS) - More will be added as more questions are constantly asked.
Q. Why can't I find a Lobby
A. Try doing it it again without the "Force Host Video" and/or if you have DLC downloaded it's better if you delete them then re-install them later.

Q. Does this work on Xbox 360/PS3?
A. Yes it Works on all other consoles.

Q. Do I have to be level 1?
A. No it doesn't matter what level you are.

Q. Does this give me money?
A. Every time you level up in black ops you get money as a reward so if you go from level 1 to level 50 you're getting the reward money for all those levels you ranked up from do this which adds up to about 200K.

Q. How do I get gold guns?
A. From the money you get from the glitch, but you have to make it to 14th Prestige first.

Q. Can I get banned?
A. The game is like 5 years old the developers don't care. I have not been banned and I've done this son two accounts. You won't get banned BUT STILL DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  1. milldogtjm
    A nice read, I will try this later when I have time; thou I wounder if this can be done with the new games in the series?