Xbox One Bans Lifted Including MoonlightSwarmi

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Xbox One Bans Lifted Including MoonlightSwarmi

Bullet Nov 21, 2013

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    You may recall our article about Moonlightswarmi, a guy that was one of a 150 people that received their Xbox One consoles early thanks to Target shipping the consoles weeks before they were supposed too.
    MoonlightSwari aka Andre Weingarten received his Xbox One on November the 8th. When the console was delivered Andre immediately did an unboxing video and posted it on Youtube which was taken down less than 30 minutes later and strikes added to his Youtube channel.
    Not only did Andre get strikes on his Youtube account that had 13,000 subscribers, but his Xbox One was also banned not long afterwards.

    " I put a video up on YouTube showing how I unboxed this gem of a console, and Microsoft swooped in and told YouTube that I violated their copyright laws. " says Andre

    Andre starting sharing his story on Twitter and received the support of thousands of gamers which attracted the attention of Major Nelson himself.

    Major Nelson ( Larry Hryb ) contacted Andre over Twitter and assured Andre that the ban was only temporary and invited him to attended the Xbox One Launch Party.
    Andre has been unbanned off of Xbox Live now along with everybody else. So everything ended well.
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    1. Wo
      well the "<span style="color:rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;">violated their copyright laws" is true seeing as Larry Hryb did an unboxing video of the Xbox ONE. But I got a one up on everyone here as I have tested the Xbox ONE Smartglass App on both my iPod touch and Andriod phone and it is way more faster than the Xbox 360's Smartglass app.</span>

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      Message is from my friends boss take a guess who it was
    2. Aa
      At-least it was temporary and he got an invite to a party..Lucky Fecal Leaking.

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