Trade in your PS3 or Xbox 360 and get Xbox One for just $299

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Trade in your PS3 or Xbox 360 and get Xbox One for just $299

Bullet Jul 18, 2014

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    Microsoft are dangling a next gen carrot in front of the faces of those afraid of change and bargain hunters alike in the form of a tempting trade in offer to convince people to make the switch to a next gen games console.

    Between now and the 31st of August if you take in an old Xbox 360 or PS3 you will be able to buy a kinectless Xbox One for a mere $299 / £175 or if you quite like the idea of shouting commands at your TV and using hand gestures maybe you could go for an Xbox One bundled with a Kinect for $399 / £234.

    If you are thinking of buying an old broken console for pence and taking it in for a mega discount, think again! Microsoft stipulate that the trade in console must be in good working order with no broken bits and pieces.

    June was a great month for Xbox One with reports of sales almost doubling and Microsoft intend on keeping up the pace with this amazing deal to entice new customers.

    Microsoft are making some major changes to the Xbox One and taking it back to its roots as a hardcore games console, with less focus on the TV side and more focus on games and giving gamers what they really want, so now is a great time to buy an Xbox One.
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