Tekken 7 Release Date Confirmed!

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Tekken 7 Release Date Confirmed!

OfficialSilas Aug 1, 2014

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    Tekken 7 Release Date Confirmed! Game Director, Harada Gives Details of Next Installment while PS3, PS3, Xbox 360 And Wii-U are not Supported for Latest Version.Cyberland has officially stated that Tekken 7 will be released on the next-gen consoles aswell as the PC on May 15 2015.

    The producer for the game, Katsuhiro Harada revealed the first concrete details at the San Diego Comic Con which took place a few weeks ago. He mentioned that they are still in the developing mode whereby they are formulating the basic game play systems and adding final polish to them.Katsuhiro Harada also confirmed that next game was being build on Unreal Engine 4. Apparently it makes the able to achieve the graphics and visual quality which is expected on next gen consoles. platforms and even to surpass the expectations. Similarly, it is powerful and easy to use allowing them to use any platform that they like. That's probably the reason why they singled out the Tekken 7 PC version rather than the PS3 and Xbox 360 because that was the lead platform during game development. As for the roles, it is not yet clear whether Kasumi Mishima will be a playable character for the next installment. But we shall see sooner enough.

    With all Tekken games, there is going to be a very detailed background and the plot which is supped to serve as a closure for the Mishima clan issues. The game is also supposed to provide the answer as to why the Heihacki is tring to kill his grandson. It's also going to investigate why he threw Kazuya off a cliff. The trailer for this game can be watched by clicking ---->HERE<----
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