Rugby 15: Power and Strength

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Rugby 15: Power and Strength

Nasyr Dec 9, 2014

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    Rugby is a game filled with power, strength, and muscle. As this game develops further before it's release date, it is said to have improved it's quality and game play itself. The game received near to negative ratings across the board, after the release of its trailer and the announcement of the game itself. They tried to explain that this game will not only be just an advanced Fifa and will offer so much more that people will enjoy. As people denied this decision, they continued there work on the game. At the release of there next trailer, the games ratings jumped close to 50%. Still not the best but I think definitely improved from the last time around.

    The speed and agility of the characters you play as have been matched to play as how they do in real life. Almost like a draft of a sort where you buy characters I would assume. Can't say much more than that as they for sure have improved and gotten there act together. There is still much more needed to be done and they recently released a comment hinting that the game may be delayed. I'm not sure if that means there not sure, or if there just letting people know ahead of time so they don't cry around the time the game is said to come out?

    Rugby 15 will be coming to all current consoles out, limited to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Also may be included on PC but, is also said to have a little bit later release date then the consoles themselves. Also seeing this company and Rugby is a new generation of its kind. I mean someone starts everyone so we can't drop it that quick. I mean I remember the first Cods that came out, absolutely disgusting graphics. Now look where they have gone with it? What do you guys think?
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    1. mikeymanuk
      ive had it since it come on xbox store, i had a few points laying about so it cost me £20, yeah i know its not worth the £20 as it is now, reminds me of playing fifa 09 after playing fifa 15, i hop they change a lot of it before they put it on disk,

      the contact is not great, the delay in passing from rucks and mauls is shocking,
      generally im shocked this has been released as it is for next gen consoles, its more of an c64 game (showing my age).
      jonah lomu rugby had it set and that was back on the sega staurn years ago,

      im a big rugby fan and still play the sport, im just gutted about this game, if ur so so about rugby then you should pass until a WC 2015 game comes out!

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