Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Announced - Trailer, info and more!

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Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Announced - Trailer, info and more!

FreddyZVoorhees Sep 15, 2015

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    A surprise on TGS - a new Resident Evil was announced, but based on Operation Racoon City, which was not as well received in its time.

    This morning, the Conference of SCEJA, Capcom took the stage and announced the Resident Evil - Umbrella Corps. The game is another competitive multiplayer shooter in the Resident Evil universe as Operation Racoon City, released in 2012.
    The game is pulled over to the side of an action game in the third person shooting games with some elements in the first person. The Umbrella Corps will have rapid and intense matches in packed battle zones of history of Resident Evil franchise locations. See the trailer below:


    CLOSE QUARTER BATTLES- high-intensity matches, fast gameplay without places to hide.
    SHOOTER COMPETITIVE TEAMS - players can compete online in full of adrenaline matches.
    VARIETY OF MODES - play in various modes including the One Life mode where players only get one chance to eliminate enemies per round.
    ELEMENTS OF THE RESIDENT EVIL FRANCHISE - known sites like zombies and enemies are in each of the maps, adding another threat or opportunity.
    AIM USING THE ANALOG AND COVERAGE SYSTEM - a flexible system that allows you to adjust the height while using coverage for more precise control when to shoot.
    SIGNATURE WEAPONS - No Brainer: an ax that goes straight to the skull.
    Tactical Shield: A mounted protection that allows players to use a zombie as cover.
    Skewers: skewers mounted on the floor to catch enemies.
    Repellent Zombies: A device that amazes zombies while active.

    RESIDENT EVIL - UMBRELLA CORPS is being produced by Capcom and will be released in 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4.
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