Official Nillxmodz GTA V Scandal Update 15th Jan

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Official Nillxmodz GTA V Scandal Update 15th Jan

Bullet Jan 15, 2015

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    Update 16th Jan: A lot of people are asking me why they haven't been refunded yet. Nillxmodz have advised that if you have not yet received a refund then you need to contact them on Twitter to initiate a refund alternatively you should file a dispute.

    Rockstar Legal Action:

    Although Nillxmodz did not want to talk about the legal action taken against them by Rockstar Games, they did reveal a few facts. They will be sticking around the Youtube scene, however they will not be touching any of Rockstars GTA V game servers. They also declared that they made little over £1100.00 ($1668) from donations, they were however fined by Rockstar for seven times that amount, a whopping £7700 ($11680) which would suggest to me that if they have been fined already, the legal case against them must have been finalized already.

    DNS Server Refund Info:

    Nillxmodz claim that the transactions being refunded are being done manually by them and not because the Paypal account they used is limited. The did however state that unless you have filed a dispute or contacted them directly about a refund, the chances are you wont be refunded. So if you did donate to Nillxmodz DNS server then you need to do one of two things today, either file a dispute or contact Nillxmodz on the official Twitter.

    GTA V tipster and renowned modder has made an official statement today with regards to the GTA V DNS scandal that has left the GTA community believing that Nillxmodz is a scammer for the past Two weeks.

    Nillxmodz had become well known in the GTA community for information leaks regarding Rockstars latest smash hit title, Grand Theft Auto V.

    He was also well known in the modding community providing many services for modders on GTA V. Once such service was access to DNS codes to a server containing modded tunable files which would enable an end user to simply edit the DNS server configuration on their games console and gain access to mods.

    Nillxmodz began to offer services on their own website which is where the service for the DNS codes was offered and was promoted via a Twitter account. The service was promoted as being free and gamers could apply for free slots, or they had the option to donate for guaranteed access to the DNS codes.

    Free slots quickly began to fill up and Nillxmodz began to promote the service via their Twitter account. On December 31st numerous Tweets stated that it was "Your last chance to apply/donate for access to DNS codes."

    A short while later the Twitter account was closed and the website was down which lead to the belief that Nillxmodz had scammed the donators out of their money. We asked Nillxmodz why they took down the website to which they replied, "We didn't close our site, it was attacked and our server host had decided to suspend us for TOS violations."

    Nillxmodz stated that they had been contacted by Rockstar Games on the evening of January 6th, which is why they also closed down the Twitter account to prevent further donations and/or contact with outside entities.

    We then asked why nillxmodz did not contact any of their donators to explain what had happened and they stated "While attending legal proceedings, we had to close outside contact and the Twitter closure was a factor of this. We understand this looked like a scam-run-away act but if we had an intention to scam, we would have waited a lot longer then we did for cash to flow through and never returned to Twitter. Who needs money, it doesn't make the world go round!"
    Nillxmodz claim that Rockstar Games have stated legal proceedings against them, however they could not clarify what exactly the proceedings were for when asked. "We cannot provide information on that. This was clearly stated in our legal agreement." said Nillxmodz during our interview.

    So the question that everyone wants to know is will they be refunded whatever amounts they donated, and Nillxmodz have assured us that everyone will be refunded via a "a one-time system-wide refund via PayPal to all donators." they said. " You can check PayPal for the status of that refund at anytime."

    Nillxmodz apologized for the Two week communications blackout but insited that "If we had an intention to scam, we wouldn't have returned and refunded like we did today."

    Nillxmodz say they have only returned now to refund the donators and will not be returning to modding or leaking any more information.

    "We will not be returning for future leaks, seeking reputation or services but will close our account in a few days time with a final formal farewell to those who do understand our situation and the reason we had fled."

    So are you one of the many gamers that donated for access to the DNS codes, if so have you been refunded yet? Let us know your thoughts on this situation in the comments below.
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