Official MW3 August DLC Drop

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Official MW3 August DLC Drop

grantyboy568 Aug 1, 2012

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    Activision has provided with screenshots of both levels.

    Light 'Em Up introduces a fully pilotable vehicle to the Modern Warfare series for the first time, as one player takes to the skies in a Little Bird helicopter to provide support to a second player on the ground.

    The Little Bird helicopter has a powerful searchlight that can blind enemies, protecting the player on the ground as he searches for intel packages to locate the hostage. The helicopter pilot can also use a grenade launcher and assault rifle to take out enemies from the air.

    "It's a night mission, so you come in under the cover of night," Sledgehammer Games' VP and COO Michael Condrey told "One guy is piloting the Little Bird and protecting from an overwatch position with explosive cover, while the guy on the ground is looking for intel on where the hostage is in this heavily fortified location.

    "The guy in the air is a really exciting position to be in because you have to control the helicopter, use the spotlight and provide overwatch cover for the guy on the ground," he continued.

    "It's a pretty cool new experience in Spec Ops mission mode."


    Special Delivery, meanwhile, merges mechanics from Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer mode to create an entirely new experience, Condrey suggests, letting one player use the Osprey Gunner killstreak to provide air support, while simultaneously dropping Care Packages to the player on the ground.

    "What we've tried to do is bring really great mechanics together that people love to play," says Condrey.

    "The guy in the air runs the Osprey Gunner and can drop .50 cal shells from the air, and call in explosive rounds. But the cool thing is that I can drop three different types of Care Packages to my buddy on the ground trying to get to the downed pilot.

    "It's really awesome. You can drop in an XM25, you can drop a Care Package of a turret or a self-revive... The opportunity to use Care Packages and the Osprey Gunner killstreak from multiplayer is so much fun."


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