MS Offering $3 Per 1k Views To Promote Xbox One On Youtube

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MS Offering $3 Per 1k Views To Promote Xbox One On Youtube

Bullet Jan 19, 2014

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    Be prepared for an influx of Xbox One promotional advertising on Youtube thanks to Microsoft's latest attempt to boost sales.
    Microsoft are now offering big channels big bucks to promote their Next-Gen console on Youtube in a bid to clear available stock.


    There are numerous channels that will be able to earn a nice amount of money from promoting the Xbox One now:


    Machinima have advised their 'Influencer's' how to earn more.
    Its easy they say, and here's how:

    Incorporate at least 30 seconds of gameplay or footage of any Xbox One game
    Verbally mention in the video that you are playing on the Xbox One
    Tag your video with: XB1M13

    Although this has an air of desperation about it, its actually genius when you think about it! Whilst Shepard's earn extra from promoting the Xbox One, the sheep will blindly follow and also promote the Xbox One unwittingly!

    Have you received an email offering you a promotional deal yet? What do you think, clever or desperate?
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