Minecraft On Xbox One Is Really Close Now

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Minecraft On Xbox One Is Really Close Now

Bullet Mar 28, 2014

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    Microsoft Game Studios Vice President Phil Spencer has confirmed that Minecraft for the Xbox One is "really close" to release, but of course the release date will ultimately be decided by developers Mojang and 4J Studios.

    Spencer's information came right from the horses mouth, after speaking with the developers he said:

    "I talked to [4J Studios] last night," Spencer said. "They feel really good about the progress that they’re making. It’s their game, and it’d be Mojang’s game. We graciously host it on our platform.

    "But unlike on 360 where they had never been on console before and the developer relationship, I’ll say, was very tight from the beginning, this is something that’s really in their hands now," Spencer continued. "They’re a full-fledged developer in every sense. They control the [release] date of that, but I’ll tell people that we’re getting really close. I talked with Notch [aka Mojang founder Markus Persson] last night, and they’re really excited about the quality."

    Source IGN
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