Microsoft Will Do Something Never Done Before At E3

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Microsoft Will Do Something Never Done Before At E3

Bullet May 19, 2014

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    Larry 'Major Nelson Hryb', director of programming for Xbox has stated in a recent podcast that Microsoft are going to do something at E3 2014 that has never been done in the history of the show which has left people wondering what Microsoft has in store for us Gamers.

    "It's going to be the first time this has ever been done at E3. Ever," stated Major Nelson, but that was as much information as he let slip, just a teaser, nothing more!

    E3 is all about the games and that is why the Xbox team announced the dis-kinected Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Live Gold benefits last week.

    Lets just hope we get some amazing news as being an Xbox One owner so far has been a bumpy ride!

    Update: Larry Hryb has clarified on Reddit that the 'we' he was referring too wasn't Microsoft , but instead the podcast:

    "OK. Let's step back a bit. In the podcast, I said I was doing something never done before. When I said "we" it was in the context of the podcast...not the overall Xbox business. Sure there are some announcements for E3 but I don't know everything that we (Xbox business) are announcing."
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