Microsoft: 'Windows 10 is ready'

FreddyZVoorhees Jul 16, 2015

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    Microsoft has confirmed yesterday that Windows 10 is ready for launch on 29. Now the operating system will be sent to manufacturers to be able to be installed on new PCs / tablets / notebooks that will be on sale the same day of release.


    Although Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 is ready for launch, the development will not stop. The company will work on fixes and updates that will be available on 29 July.

    For those who are curious, the build of the final version of Windows 10 is 10240.

    Participants registered in Windows Insider Program will be the first to receive the build 10240 on 29 July. In the following days he will begin to be available via Windows Update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users who have booked free upgrade.

    WINDOWS 10
    The Windows 10 will be released on July 29 and among the novelties brought by the operating system are the new Start menu, the personal assistant Cortana *, the new Microsoft browser Edge, new Office applications optimized leave use with touch screens, Xbox LIVE and Xbox application and new Universal applications Photos, Videos, Maps, People, Email and Calendar.

    * Availability in the time of release should vary by region.

    In addition, the operating system will Continuum mode, store the new unified Windows and Windows biometric authentication system Hello.

    The Continuum mode is designed for use in hybrid devices that combine tablet and notebook. With this mode the user can easily switch between using the hybrid as tablet and notebook as basically combining the simplicity of tablet with the traditional use experience.

    In smartphones and small tablets, the Continuum mode will allow users to connect wireless keyboards and displays for enhanced productivity. Basically, the smartphone turns into a PC.
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    I really enjoy the new windows 10 layout, all the updates, and Microsoft really nailed it this time.. I havent been so excited about a upgrade since windows xp now finally windows 10 !! Windows XP (offilcal), Windows Vista (wack), Windows 7 (Good), Windows 8 and 8.1 (alright), Windows 10 (Good Money!!)
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    Windows 10 is awesome, much better than Win8 and the streaming Xbox One to PC is just amazing! Good things coming our way gamers...

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