Meet The PS4 Interface

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Meet The PS4 Interface

Bullet Nov 12, 2013

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    Sony has unveiled the PS4 user interface and provided us with an overview of its features at the launch event in New York, so lets take a closer look.
    So the first thing you notice is that the PS4 is gear towards being " Social".
    You will immediately notice that there are some new features such as:

    Friends who own this game - Pretty self explanatory really.
    Trophies - These are the trophies you have earned and the info about them.
    News Feeds - See what your friends have been doing online
    Shared Media - Check out the latest shared media between you and friends


    Some other cool features of the new interface are the friends system. On PS4 you will have "friends" and you will have " True friends". The difference between friends and true friends is that your true friends will show up by their real names instead of their PS4 nicknames.To be a true friend it has to agreed upon. The new friends list allows you to add upto 2,000 friends, so you should have more friends than real friends right?


    If you visit a friend and you both have a shiny new PS4 , you can sign in as a guest on your friends machine and when you sign out all associated data will be removed.

    This dash is really smooth and really fast. Speed hasn't been sacrificed for all the big thumbnails and images. Transitions between video clips and multitasking is really quick and clean. You can multitask by simply hitting the PlayStation button on the DualShock 4, this will allow you to switch between apps easily.


    So we know that the PS4 is a social machine, and they have complimented that with an awesome streaming system. PS4 will automatically record the first 15 minutes of gameplay for you which you can edit from within the system. You can decide to send clips to Twitter, or friends news feed or you can even stream straight to Twitch or Ustream. Hopefully we will get many more videos here on XPG now thanks to this!

    I have to say, i've always been an Xbox fan, but after seeing the PS4 interface, i can see the appeal of the PS4...

    If i missed any features, please feel free to comment below and i will add them to the thread.
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      "Hopefully we will get many more videos here on XPG now thanks to this!"<br><br>
      Yes, this will definitely deserve it's own Forum topic under "Social Networking" or Community Gaming.<br><br>
      we will see.<br><br>

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      Played the PS4 in Argos last Thursday. Absolutely blew me away.
      Being a console gamer from way back when. I can honestly say I'm glad to still be gaming after 23 years.

      Things have come along way from the C64. Remember playing this cracker lmao.

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