Preview Mass Effect 3: Exciting new details

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Preview Mass Effect 3: Exciting new details

iMethod Jan 22, 2012

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    The wait for the final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy is almost over. As we are approaching the release date of the game, more details about the game will gradually get revealed to excite fans of the series and newcomers to get the game day one.

    Bioware is fixing some of the issues of the previous games while also adding some new gameplay elements. These new details comes from the latest issue of Gamestar (german game magazine):

    - If you enter Reaper-controlled territory, there’s a chance the Reapers will try to hunt you down and you must do something to avoid them. That’s referred to as a mini-game.

    - Reaper controlled territory will change as the story progresses, but only main plot decisions trigger these changes. You’ll have all the time you need for sidequests.

    - All missions may influence your reputation with NPCs (unclear whether this only refers to team members). That in turn may influence your interaction with them in future. NPCs differ in what they prefer, some may be more impressed by Renegade decisions, some more by Paragon decisions, but all will be influenced by decisions affecting their species.

    - If old team members are dead, different things may happen depending on the character. Sometimes a story arc will be completely lost, sometimes there will be a replacement character, sometimes the story will develop in a totally different way.

    - How the war progresses will also affect the Normandy somehow.

    - The Citadel will be bigger than ever before and you’ll meet many characters you know from the first two games. Many loose ends from the first games will be tied up, including the mystery of the Keepers.


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