Limited Edition PS4 For £19.94 But There's A Catch!

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Limited Edition PS4 For £19.94 But There's A Catch!

Bullet Dec 10, 2014

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    If you missed out on one of the limited edition PS4 consoles that went up for sale after the Playstation experience, you could have another chance of getting one today for a mere £19.94!

    Sony are selling off limited edition PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary consoles for charity hence the insane, but cleverly priced £19.94!
    Of course 1994 was the year the Sony launched the Playstation.

    The video below which shows a Playstation '94 shop and features dodgy shellsuits and words like Rad and Wicked, no its not modern day Bradford , its 1990's London... Bethnal Green Road, opposite Slam City Skates to be exact.

    Not any old shellsuit wearing chav can just walk into the Playstation '94 shop at 11a.m today and expect to buy a limited edition 20th Anniversary Playstation 4, Oooooh No!

    There is a catch, you must take a piece of original Playstation memorabilia with you, anything like a poster, PS1 controller or console ,PS1 games etc...

    You must also know this super secret pass phrase, that hardly anyone knows, which is " I crashed my Bandicoot." Genius!

    The shop will also open tomorrow, 11th December, and Friday 12th December, when Sony will sell the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition console for £399 on a first-come, first-served basis to the first 50 people per day.

    All proceeds go to video game charity GamesAid.
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