Preview Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Demo Impressions

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Preview Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Demo Impressions

GamrInsanity Jan 19, 2012

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    When I started playing the demo for Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning I only had one big thing in mind. Lets unlock some free Mass Effect content! I had no intention of really playing this for the entire experience until the requirements to unlock everything is to beat the entire demo. So I played and I must say that being a major fan of the Fable franchise I was blown away at the combination of conversation choices that Bioware has given us from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, and how they mix this real time combat that makes your experience feel a lot more in control of your characters actions and abilities. The experience you ear allows you to upgrade magic, combat, and special abilities that you can use throughout your adventure. If you are a fan of the Fable games in how you take control of one character and not have to deal with a team. (Mass Effect & Dragon Age) The this game is for you. Hands down one of the best single player games to come out in 2012.
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    You can pickup Kingdoms of Amalur on February 7 2012.
    1. xpghax
      wait i didnt know there was a demo for this also :eek: gonna have to go download it now lol ;)
    2. Bezza
      yer this is a great demo ive played it twice it has got a propper fable feel to it but more indepth
    3. PK89
      I agree .. Enjoyed the 45+ minutes and plus you unlock ME3 stuff .. :D

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    4. GamrInsanity
      I didn't finish the demo yet when do you unlock the gun for mass effect? Is it when the 45 minutes runs out?
    5. Bezza
      theys a few unlocks cant remberer what and when tho :(
    6. GamrInsanity
      I'm going to replay it later tonight since I'm off tomorrow it's just trying to keep up with my new gaming blog is killing all my gaming time :(
    7. PK89
      Yeaa you gotta finish and watch the video

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