Join The Xbox One Apology Tour - Play Xbox One Early

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Join The Xbox One Apology Tour - Play Xbox One Early

Bullet Sep 28, 2013

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    Microsoft have revealed that the Xbox Team are going on a road trip in the form of an "Apology Tour". On October the 1st the team will be hitting the road so that you get a chance to check out the Xbox One at certain venues in a selection of 75 cities throughout America , Canada and Europe.
    Dont worry guys I have listed the venues below so you can see if theres one near you!
    Before you go getting too excited at the prospect of playing on an Xbox One, be warned this is an 18+ only occasion guys.

    [​IMG] Area OneDrop in** on one of our Area One parties to experience the new Xbox One console before it goes on sale November 22. With live music, live gameplay, and more, you and your friends can paint the town green. Be sure to bring your ID: This event is 18+ only!

    Here are the 13 locations revealed by Microsoft so far:
    • Philadelphia: 10/3–10/6
    • Paris: 10/10–10/13
    • Toronto: 10/10–10/13
    • Chicago: 10/17–10/20
    • Vienna: 10/17–10/20
    • Atlanta: 10/24–10/27
    • Dallas: 10/31–11/3
    • Berlin: 10/31–11/3
    • Phoenix: 11/7–11/10
    • San Francisco: 11/14–11/17
    • Dublin: 11/14–11/17
    • Los Angeles: 11/21
    • London: 11/21–11/24
    If you check out the poster below there are actually a total of 25 cities listed, we will update the thread with the full list once its revealed


    So now you know where the venues are, you want to know what they are right? Well you will get the chance to play on the Xbox One and test out top titles such as Forza 5 , of course Ryse son of Rome, Dead rising 3 and many more for FREE!

    So far the list of confirmed games are :

    Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse
    Son of Rome
    Killer Instinct
    Dead Rising 3
    Crimson Dragon
    Max: Curse of the Brotherhood

    This is not the only titles there will be more but they have not been confirmed yet.

    So what do you think guys, is there a location near you and will you go if there is?
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