How To Playtest Star Wars Battlefront Before It's Revealed

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How To Playtest Star Wars Battlefront Before It's Revealed

Bullet Apr 3, 2015

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    Electronic Arts plans to officially debut Star Wars Battlefront at Star Wars Celebration 2015 this month, but the studio is giving fans a chance to playtest the game before then.

    EA will be holding playtest sessions for Star Wars Battlefront giving gamers the opportunity to play the highly anticipated game. The Playtests will take part next week on the 10th of April.

    In order to take part in the tests you will need to head to either the Vancouver area, or San Francisco Bay. You will be required to sign up for EA Canada's session (Vancouver) or the EA Redwood session (San Francisco) respectively.
    Registering is super simple, only requiring you to fill out a questionnaire which asks some really simple questions about your gaming habits.

    If you are lucky enough to be selected to participate in the Star Wars Battlefront playtest,not only will you be one of a select few to see the game before everyone else, but you will also be given two free games!
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