Dreadnought: Think Bigger

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Dreadnought: Think Bigger

Nasyr Nov 14, 2014

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    Dreadnought, is a free-to-play shooter game developed by Yaeger (the team behind Spec Ops: The Line) and published by Grey Box. The smallest ship in the game is the size of the Millenium Falcon, while the largest could make a Battlestar blush. With a solid mix of twitch action and heady tactics, this one-of-a-kind multiplayer game deserves your attention. As I expend upon this further I would like you to note that this game is not a Halo, a Titanfall, or a Advanced Warefare. This game is a completely different feel, look, and sound where nothing can compare as of yet.

    As much as I found it humorous in this trailer teaser, I thought it was actually interesting to my liking. Check out the trailer and watch it all way to the end with audio Here. You see ships that seem to be patrolling space or even maybe looking for something, or someone. Until the trailer lifts off showing them chasing someone getting a lock with their missile. As soon as they get a definite lock, a huge ship appears behind them that seems to be 10x bigger then any other in the galaxy. As they try to disburse from the ship, it is simply hard to because of how big their ship is and it rams into all three of them blowing them up.

    Now I don't know how cool that sounded to you guys but, I find this game to be very tactically fun. As for it also being a multiplayer game, I really do wonder how this game will turn out in its future time. Maybe we are soon to find a new generation of games to come at our finger tips. As I cross my fingers and hope for the best of this game I also worry to wonder what really can come of this whole space idea? Where is there home? What it is there? What even are they? A bunch of questions to be answered only in a times due.

    What do you think of Dreadnought so far?
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