Doom 4: Power Of Steel

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Doom 4: Power Of Steel

Nasyr Dec 7, 2014

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    Doom 4 has no recently changed it's name just to Doom. I think this name change could just correspond that it is coming out only for the new consoles, basically a restart to the name. If anything else I could see this game being an advanced story/mission from the first. ID software is said to reintroduce the Doom 3 sequel. So it is infact a carry on and not a remake due to the name change thoughts. The QuakeCon convention revealed footage of this upcoming game that shows a steel and flesh built warrior that is strictly sent to the bowls of hell to kill such creatures. But it doesn't branch off further then a search and destroy game.

    Not only will you have to fight physical but, you get to blow some stuff up! This game may have some scary parts that may make you jump out of your chair a few times. It has also been leaked that you can do actions as such things you can do in Mortal Combat. When a enemy turns red you can run up to them and press a button to do a devastating finishing move. Haha and this is the best part of what you can do.. Stomp on enemies heads, pull out their hearts, and rip apart there jaws. If that doesn't make it more intense then I don't know what else would.

    In all this game is said to be a more modern release compared to the other 3. If Doom 3 was slow for you then you will be impressed with the new one. You will also have the ability to pair up with friends for a more equal approach to the game. Before the game didn't allow for friends to kill the same targets in some instances. But this game has been delayed to a later time in the year 2015. If you want to check out what this game is all about then click here for the trailer.
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