Destiny Update Today Reboots The Game World

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Destiny Update Today Reboots The Game World

Bullet Sep 15, 2014

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    Bungie are rolling out an update today that will reboot Destiny's game world. When you log on to Destiny today you may be greeted with a message like the one below.
    "Attention: A new Destiny update is available. Please exit Destiny and apply the update."


    So far Bungie have not officially announced what the update is for, however we have a feeling it is linked to the new Raid called 'The Vault of Glass' which opens at 2AM Pacific on September 16th.

    It remains to be seen if the farming methods will be patched up, but Bungie are taking no prisoners when it comes to cheaters if this earlier tweet is anything to go by:

    Be warned, exploiting the game may well result in a ban!

    There is no official patch notes on Bungie's website yet, however we have reached out to Bungie to see what exactly is in this update. As soon as we have word the article will be updated.
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