Destiny Beta Suffers from Widespread Installation Issues on X1

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Destiny Beta Suffers from Widespread Installation Issues on X1

FatPat666 Jul 23, 2014

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    Destiny’s beta has finally begun on Xbox One, but things didn’t start too well for quite a few.
    First of all, the process for the installation isn’t exactly explained in the best way. When you launch the download it’ll progress to 2% and it’ll say “ready to start.” Don’t launch it yet. You’ll find the reason why just below.
    Many users are experiencing installation issues, which result in a warning about a corrupted installation requiring a fresh download, as you can see in the picture below (courtesy of NeoGAF user That’sMyTrunks)


    Luckily Bungie seems to be aware of the problem, and mentioned on Twitter that they are investigating.
    In the meanwhile they updated the FAQs recommending not to launch the game at all until the download reaches 100%, no matter if it says “ready to start,” as the problem is probably determined by the fact that the game isn’t really corrupted, but it’s trying to install a package that hasn’t fully downloaded yet.
    Of course, when the game is fully downloaded you will need to launch it to complete the installation, as what you downloaded is actually just the installer.
    Basically, if your Xbox One tells you the game is corrupted don’t delete it like it tells you to do, but check in your Games & Apps area to see if it’s still downloading. If it is, let it progress until it reaches 100%, then retry launching the beta.
    Patience, Xbox brothers. You’ll soon be able to join the fray.


    i just ran into this issue myself and how about you guys?
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