Dead Space 3 – Dropping Competitive Multiplayer, Co-op and More

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Dead Space 3 – Dropping Competitive Multiplayer, Co-op and More

grantyboy568 Jun 3, 2012

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    Some new details on Dead Space 3 has been revealed from the next Gameinformer issue.
    Here are just a few things that are covered in the issue

    • Co-op confirmed
    • No competitive multiplayer in DS3
    • Now has universal ammo pickups
    • Cover system added
    • Co-op will have different cut-scenes and interactions between Isaac and Carver.
    • Zero space gravity section and dark corridors will be present as they were in previous Dead Space titles.
    • Fodders & Feeders are a new type of necromorphs.
    • Visceral games calls these new necromorphs “The snow beast”.
    • Nexus Feeders is a 30 story tall centipede necromorph. This is “what happens when a human isn’t actually infected by a Swarm or by a Divider heads”
    • Icy Planet is called Tau Volantis,
    • Fodder transform into two different necromorphs depending on how you kill them
    • Ammo drops are more plentiful
    • They want DS3 to be less linear than 2&1;be able to explore large environments and find “unique beta missions” that aren’t required to complete the main game
    • You can slap different guns together like a Plasma cutter/Ripper combo,Visceral didn’t say “how exactly these weapon mods work” but GI noticed enemies drop Scrap metal and ‘tungsten’ now.
    A cover system? Does this mean that there will now be enemies who will be shooting at you?
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