Call of Duty Il: Leaked Images are Fake!

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Nasyr, Dec 11, 2014.

Call of Duty Il: Leaked Images are Fake!

Nasyr Dec 11, 2014

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    So it has recently be proven that all rumors, leaks, misleads, and pictures are fake! As cool and as real as they look, there all fake. I wouldn't of expected it but, I guess it is what is proven. I think many people would be devasted now to find something they thought they knew is fake. I mean you can't always believe what you hear or find out on the internet. I guess we will find out more at the official release of whatever this new call of duty shall or will actually be named. And for a moment there, I actually did believe this whole game leak was for real, and was truly interested in it. Look below at the proof.

    Original Image/fake:

    The faint text in the middle says "Official Cover Art, Subject to Change." So it's the official box art but it's not the official box art? Well, I'm convinced.

    To be fair, the image is sleek enough to be believable. It appears to have the officialCall of Duty: World at War logo. Then there's the gorgeous background, depicting an evening sky lit up by stars. Sure, an evening sky has nothing to do with war but it looks great.

    The background's not an original piece of artwork, though. One Reddit user points out it was pilfered from the portfolio of Seb Janiak, a French graphic artist. The creator of this box art just cropped the picture and rotated it. Here's a rough duplicate I made from Janiak's original image:


    With the background in place, the box art's creator just had to find a suitable Call of Duty logo and slap "World at War 2" underneath it.

    Credits to for some of the images, and some finds of information.
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