'Cross-Gen' Games Defended By Phil Spencer

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'Cross-Gen' Games Defended By Phil Spencer

Bullet Jun 18, 2014

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    The transition between older and new generation games consoles is never a smooth transition and always creates a divide between early adopters and those that do not like change or spending money on new technology. Perhaps one of the biggest issues is caused by studios that develop games for both generations of console. On the one hand you have the early adopters that claim the old gen consoles are holding back development of next gen games, and on the other hand you have the gamers that do not have or do not necessarily want a new console.

    Phil Spencer, head of all things Xbox has made his stance perfectly clear and has unsurprisingly defended developers making cross platform games and says that "we have millions and millions of people on 360 " Spencer explained " If you bought your Xbox 360 a year and a half ago, I think we have an obligation there. "

    The chief of Xbox also explained that the Xbox 360 is still a strong selling console with millions of sales expected before the plug gets pulled on it. So it makes perfect sense that Microsoft and also developers will continue to support the Xbox 360 while there is still life in the old gal...

    Developers will continue to create multi-platform games from as long as they can because its good business, so don't expect to many Next-Gen only games anytime soon. One game that will not be held back by older gen consoles is 'Forza Horizon 2' which is being developed by two separate studios so that both platforms get the most out of the machines. Hopefully we will see more of this type of development during the next couple of years.
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