Xbox One Consoles Reportedly Leaking.... oil?

Bullet Dec 29, 2013

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    Reports have surfaced on the Xbox One support forums of Xbox One consoles allegedly leaking an oily liquid through the air vent on the top right hand side on the console.

    The gamer that reported the issue (CynicalAnarchy) says that he waited almost a fortnight before reporting the issue to Microsoft, which was met with cries of fake, especially since at the time of the report CynicalAnarchy didn't have any photographic evidence to substantiate the claim. The Xbox One owner has since added some pictures of the leaky Next Gen console, all be it low quality, but you can make out the oily substance on the top vent.


    This issue is still unresolved at the time of writing this article, so we stil do not know the root cause of this issue. Anybody that owned an Original Xbox will remember that they suffered with leaking clock capacitors. Later V1.6 versions of the original Xbox had an updated cap for the clock which didn't leak, as it was determined as an issue by Microsoft. This could be a similar issue with the Xbox One consoles.

    Either way we will keep you updated with more information on this story as it is released.

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