Top 5 Tweaks for 7.1+

i4xEdge Aug 15, 2014

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    Hey! I'm back with another list for jailbroken iDevices; Top 5 Tweaks.

    Let's get straight to it.

    Add this repo for free tweaks, but if you like the things you install, please support the developer by buying their item. :

    1. auki - Quick Reply for Messages
    (BigBoss, $4.00)
    auki is a simple and easy to use tweak. To reply to a text, simply press reply on the right side of the text notification and reply! Brilliant for people in a rush.

    2. InCaseOf - Emergency info on the lock screen
    (BigBoss, $0.99)
    A brilliant idea by CP Digital Darkrooms. This tweak shows important information (Name, Age, Blood type, Emergency numbers etc.) in emergency cases like seizures, fits etc. to inform people helping you to call an ambulance, their emergency contact, whether it be parent of wife, and inform the paramedics of their details.

    3. Eclipse - System-wide Nightmode
    (BigBoss, $0.99)
    Eclipse is a brilliant tweak that changes the keyboard, menus, and apps have a darker look made for a nicer look to blend in with the night. (Majestic, am I right?) Can be implemented into activator to switch on/off, or just changed in it's settings to turn on during a specific time period.

    4. JellyLock 7 - Simple, crisp quick AppLauncher in the lockscreen
    (BigBoss, Free)
    An easy to use, all around amazing lockscreen add-on. If you are going to download, also install NoLockBounce for no lag in the tweak. Simply set up the app shortcuts in the settings.

    5. Flex 2 - Easy made user tweaks, for any app.
    (BigBoss, $3.99)
    Once downloaded, the power of modding is in your hands. Easy to use, this app makes hacks and mods for games like Minecraft, or apps like Movie Box, or even to speed up iOS itself.

    Wierd how all of these were from BigBoss' Repo XD
    Anyway, I hope you use this list, and please like this post as it does help a lot ;D
    Have a good one!

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