Preview Sacred Citadel Screens and Vid Reveal the Khukuri Shaman

Rocky Dec 5, 2012

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    Deep Silver has revealed one of the warriors you'll be able to play as in its XBLA scrolling beat 'em up, Sacred Citadel, which also ties in to the wider Sacred universe that will continue with Sacred 3. Standing against the Ashen Empire with her other allies is the Khukuri Shaman, so called, because she's a shaman. See what they did there?

    The second of four character classes, the Khukuri has an iron will and is able to buff effects on herself, the whole group and on enemies. That means healing powers for her companions, abilities that will strengthen the group's power, and curses for enemies to blow them up.

    Part of the Khukuri race from the Aeshema Mountains, the Shaman in Sacred Citadel's healer class, and you can check her out in the new video and three screenshots below. Sacred Citadel is scheduled for early 2013 on XBLA.

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    Source - X360A

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