PSN Developer Menu 'Discovered By Accident'

Bullet Jun 4, 2014

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    A gamer has just found a hidden menu on the PSN store 'By Accident' he claims. What looks to be a developer menu called 'Hidden Cat' was discovered whilst randomly browsing the PSN store which contained deals, expired deals, and all games listings. Lasdrub says he wasn't able to browse the 'Hidden Catalog' for long before being kicked out, but he was lucky enough to grab some snaps which you can see below:

    The moment the suspected developer menu was discovered.

    An image showing the hidden cat menu, deals, expired deals and all games.

    Shortly after discovering the hidden catalog Lasdrub was kicked out of the PSN Store, which makes us think this was possibly a developer menu left during the latest update ot the Playstation Store. Did anyone else see this hidden menu, or maybe anything else unusual after the latest update?
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