No Man's Sky: Developers Experiment With Virtual Reality

Bullet Apr 4, 2014

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    We have followed Hello Games closely ever since the first announcement of 'No Man's Sky' an upcoming science fiction video game which features infinite an number of procedurally generated planets, each with its own unique ecosystem, which will ultimately give the player a sense of virgin exploration.

    'We want to give the player that feeling of being the first person to discover something new' says Sean Murray one of the four game developers.

    That certainly seems to be true if recent video clips on vine are anything to go by as the development team receive some Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets.


    No Man's Sky would be the absolute perfect game to promote Virtual Reality, from the very small trailer we have seen of the game in works already.

    “You do see more weird and wonderful things out there but what’s interesting about the rules of the universe, both ours and No Man’s Sky’s, is that common things tend to arise. The number of eyes living things have, or just that they have eyes at all, is a really common thing.
    “All of this happens in real time, so without wanting to get too philosophical about it, a planet doesn’t really exist until someone visits it,” laughs Murray. “We want the universe to feel crafted, but by a set of rules rather than a person.” Sean Murray

    Here is one of Hello Games earlier Virtual Reality attempts:


    If you haven't done already check out the No Man's Sky trailer, and you will see what i'm blubbering about when i say this game would be the perfect product launch platform for any company looking to launch Virtual Reality ( cough Microsoft)....

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    Now this would be good to have :)

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