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Microsoft Caught Running Xbox One Demos on Nvidia PCs, Again.

xpghax Aug 16, 2014

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    It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this cropping up at gaming events, but Microsoft should know better by now that they’ll get a bucket load trolling from the online communities for it. Microsoft and Sony are once again using custom built PC’s to demo much of their games at this years Gamescom, which is no bad thing given that the games are developed on high-end PCs using an SDK, but it looks bad when your trying to sell a AMD powered console game by running it on a higher specification system and Nvidia hardware.

    The issue here comes that these high-end rigs can push faster frame rates and better resolutions than the consoles, effectively leaving room for a huge pile of false advertising lies and seeing a shiny product game at a show and a less than polished one at retail isn’t exactly a rare thing these days.

    Worse for Microsoft is that they were caught out after their Ori and Blind Forest demos crashed to a Windows 7 desktop (they don’t use Windows 8 either apparently). There is nothing wrong with running a game on PC to demo it, but trying to hide the fact is not acceptable.


    so can we expect the same kind of thing like watch dogs for the upcoming"beautiful,next-gen gfx" of xbox titles,show off an amazing looking game at a show,then it turns out to be completely sub-par come release day?
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