Metro: Last Light Redux Complete Achievement List

Rocky Jul 25, 2014

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    Air! 15
    Spend 30 minutes' worth of Filters.

    Back to the Past 15
    See all Visions in the Dead City.

    Clean Escape 10
    Escape the chasing Nazis on the REICH level without being caught once.

    Commando 30
    Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising alarm.

    Derailed 30
    Kill all armed enemies on the REVOLUTION level, including all reinforcements.

    Edison 15
    Turn off 40 Lights without breaking them.

    Engineer 10
    Use 10 Lever Switches.

    Ever Vigilant 15
    Disarm 10 Traps.

    Invisible Intruder 15
    Complete the SEPARATION level without killing or raising alarm.

    Invisible Savior 15
    Complete the FACILITY level without killing or raising alarm.

    Invisible Soldier 30
    Complete the REVOLUTION level without killing and raising an alarm.

    Cheers! 15
    Drink at every occasion.

    Mouse 15
    Complete the ECHOES level undetected by the Watchmen.

    No shooting allowed 15
    Kill 10 enemies in a row with Throwing Knives.

    Patron of the Arts 15
    Watch the entire Theater Show.

    Published 40
    Complete all 43 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages.

    Pyromaniac 10
    Burn 50 Cobwebs.

    Rain Man 30
    Complete the BRIDGE level without a kill.

    Reunion 40
    Find and return the crying child's Teddy Bear.

    Scram 15
    Kill all Watchmen before they reach the Railcar.

    Shadow 15
    Stealthily kill 15 Enemies.

    Soldier 30
    Kill 100 Human Enemies.

    Tortoise 15
    Make 10 Spiders flip belly-up.

    Veteran 15
    Choose three primary weapons that use different ammo.

    Survivor 2034 50
    Complete the game in Survival Mode.

    Spartan 2034 40
    Complete the game in Spartan Mode.

    Master Thief 40
    Open 10 locked safe boxes.

    Saboteur 15
    Complete the SNIPER TEAM level.

    Kshatriya 15
    Complete the KSHATRIYA level.

    Hail Reich! 15
    Complete the HEAVY SQUAD level.

    Test Complete 15
    Complete the TOWER level.

    Through the Fire 15
    Complete the SPIDER LAIR level.

    Developer 30
    Spend 1 hour on the DEVELOPER level.

    Heads Up! 15
    Complete the PAVEL level.

    No Way Out 15
    Complete the KHAN level.

    The Sunset of Hope 15
    Complete the ANNA level.

    Antibiotic 30
    Kill 100 Mutants.

    Rabbit 5
    Complete training sequence.

    Not A Rabbit 15
    Finish the ASHES level without taking a hit.

    Secret Achievements

    Big Momma 15
    Kill the Rhino.

    C'est la vie 40
    Destroy D6.

    Forest Guardian 30
    Save the Bear from the Watchmen after the fight.

    Freedom! 10
    Free the Prisoners.

    Redemption 50
    Save D6.

    Revelation 10
    Make Moskvin tell the truth with help from the Dark One.

    Revenge 15
    Kill Pavel.

    Savior 10
    Remove your mask when Lesnitsky demands it.

    Secret 10
    Find out about the Reds' plans.

    Within a Hair of Death 10
    Escape from the Red Line.

    Source - X360A
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