Havoc DLC Pack Details and Official Preview

Bullet Jan 13, 2015

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    Sledgehammer Games has released a preview video for upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC, Havoc which will release on the Xbox One and 360 first on January 27th.

    The new Havoc map pack will feature four brand new multi player maps, exo zombies, a new weapon and a new weapon variant. Lets take a look at the maps:

    Urban: Is a fast paced map designed for close quarter combat, so you will want to equip your SMG's and shotguns for this map. Urban will feature a lockdown moment where the dynamics of the map totally change when parts of the map open up, introducing new lines of sight and paths.

    Core: Is set in the Gobi desert in a disused, blown up nuclear facility. The map is comprised of three main lanes. The center of the map will be close quarters and fast paced, decontamination drones can be activated to take out enemies by getting the scorestreak.

    Drift: Is set in the Rocky Mountains and has a festive feel to it. In the middle of the map is a revolving carousel which you can use to camp on and get a 360 view of the outer perimeter of the map. Halfway through the game the map will change due to an avalanche that will wipe out a whole street in the map.

    Sideshow: Is a freaky map based n peoples nightmares ( not dissimilar to our own Sideshow, the moderator). This long range map is ideal for ranged weapons such as snipers, it also has lots of camping, I mean overwatch positions, so this is certainly a map for the snipers. There is a crazy clown in the middle of the map which spawns even crazier bombs, grab them and use them on your foe...

    The new weapon is the AE4 directed energy assault rifle which has increased mobility and better handling, no need to worry about ammo, but careful you don't overheat that thing.

    The new Exo Zombies mode is a whole new take on zombies. We have all seen zombies before, but we have not seen zombies in an exo suit. Forget the classic slow , clumsy zombie of the past, this is the zombie of the future.
    The exo zombies mode features four main characters, there is Oz the maintenance guy who is played by John Malkovich , an I.T specialist named Lileth played by actress Rose McGowan, Decker the Security guard played by John Bernthal and finally Mr Kaan the Executive who is played by none other than Bill Paxton.

    Check out the preview trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments...


    Havoc releases January 27th on Xbox LIVE, with other platforms to follow.

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    Nice share Bullet. Will be downloading this once released thanks for the update.
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    Can't wait for Zombies ;)
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    i wonder which of these maps is the sh*t one nobody will like
    but looks fun after all great share

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