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HighSorcerer Apr 26, 2014

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    I am not sure if this thread is in the right place or not. BUT, I have a few questions about the save editor, specifically the item editor. I had success with the save editor. So I moved on to the item editor. When I want to add an item I go to the Hex ID list and copy and paste the ID's into the editor (removing the zero before each ID). From there I enter a value like, "1" or "99". I rehash and resign, load to xbox, and do not have any of the items in my inventory.
    Now, while watching a youtube video of someone doing the same thing I noticed that while entering the Hex ID's they did so like I was BUT when it came to entering the values for each ID they were entering in specific numbers. I am assuming you cant just go enter any random number and have success. So my question is where can I find what values to enter in the value field?
    I am thinking each Hex ID has a corresponding value that it needs in order to work.

    Some of the people on here and in other forums are experiencing similar problems and I could not find any more information on the subject.

    Come on, there has to be someone out there who knows the answer to my question, I and many others would be grateful for your response.

    Thank you,
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    Check out 360Revolution, it has an all new Dark Souls 2 mod tool that has an Item adder and you can even choose the location of your items.
    Mod Endurance, Vitality, Attunement,Strength and Dexterity. Also mod the amount of Souls you have, Souls required for next level, souls collected,Bonfire intensity and Torch time. As well as being able to add any item at all this truly is an amazing Dark Souls 2 mod tool..

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