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  1. Ch0senlast
    Ch0senlast reluctantkill3r
    Still LF gameshare partner
  2. ch
    chris rose
    if anyone can mod my minecraft save file i will send nudes of my sister she says that she will do it for the mods
  3. ch
    chris rose Shisno
    can anyone mod my save for minecraft i will pay 20-15$
  4. 25
    25Paladin munzies
    Hi i am also newby. I have xbox live account and EA access are you still interesting for share account?
  5. To
    send me a message if you would like the really long and full list of games
  6. To
    i also have a 12 month xbox live membership which ends on Oct 1st
  7. To
    i have updated my game library and have a large array of entertainment.
  8. To
    I'm ready to gameshare!!
  9. Bi
    Big Fella 0000 Its Gunsmoke
    Hi Its Gunsmoke, I would like to gameshare with you I have, BO1, BO3, FIFA 17, NBA2K17, NBA2K16, Destiny, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Assassins Creed Unity. Would like you to get back to me.
  10. gta0910
    gta0910 HAADYxxJUICED
    What games do you have?
  11. HA
    HAADYxxJUICED gta0910
    Game share partner ? HAADYxxJUICED
  12. Mi
    Mightyowl123 Its Gunsmoke
    I'm looking to gameshare with someone 2. I got Dishonored 2, Rainbow six seige, Dark souls 3, Overwatch, Minecraft, Ark survival, borderlands 2 and pre-sequal and much more. My gamertag is SanddMann22
    1. Bi
      Big Fella 0000
      Hi, Do you have GTA V, and MWR?
      Mar 21, 2017 at 1:15 AM
  13. sk
  14. stephan66
    stephan66 BossBMM
    Hey...would you like to share your games?
  15. stephan66
    I am new and I would like to game share but I have any games :/ Can someone pls help
  16. BrokerSmurf
    H XPG, Im New here, Big 360 gamer, always looking too grow my network and friendship circles.
  17. Steqes
    Steqes reluctantkill3r
    I have advanced warfare, bo3, minecraft, battlefield 1, Titan fall 2, plants versus zombies garden warfare 2, and 2k17 if you're interested in game sharing
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    1. stephan66
      I would like to game share but i have no games :/
      Mar 20, 2017 at 7:29 PM
  18. Tr
  19. js
  20. Ea
    EazyDarkness munzies
    munzies i have xblg If u still wanna gameshare