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  1. Hey all, been busy busy lately as everyone is these days, but I have continued on with many aspects of XNA programming. The "Attack Of The Killer Hamburger" game from blog part1 is actually in transition into a simple 3-d shooter now instead of a 2-d side-scroller, I have also started work on a simple spelling game for kids "Spelling Fun Run" which I will share a couple pics of in this blog entry , I have also been looking deeper into the actual efficiency of what I have created so far, using tools and adding monitoring code to the games so I can ensure they are as console friendly as possible ;) so here's a bit of what I have had going since part1.......

    Here is "AoTkH" before it's transition to 3-d


    Here is a quick couple screens of spelling fun run,,as you can see it is a very basic spelling game, as you level up it pulls words with more letters, and it will have options settings to set the game up for age/grade level of kids so it starts them with appropriate type words for their expected skill per age


    still being in the design stages as you see I havn't even limited the letters location to within my bars on top of bottom, and have given the player a generic image that will eventually turn to an animated running character


    mostly concept for now but all good for learning

    and here is a quick frame rate test sample I found in an xna book, I will be using bits of this code to create my own debugging features inside my games for frame rate etc


    See you all next time, thanks for reading :begal:
  2. Hello XPG,

    This being the opener for my new blog, I'll keep it fairly short and simple, we won't get into any code in the next few entries, for now I will only be showing and discussing some of the steps in building my current "test" project.

    So I have recently started a new venture outside of my general tooling around in samples and old open source code, this new venture I believe will bring a new light to the 360 Jtag-RGH user scene since I do plan on eventually sharing my methods, build techniques, and tricks that will allow all users to build their own games and share them with the scene ;)

    so for now , here a a few pics and vids of some things I have tested along the way learning the basics behind building game code

    here is a simple animation test that shows a quickly drawn cloud background and a male character running, no real point , just to test the animations.


    here again is a different test with some very generic graphic anims


    here is a quick vid showing my temporary menu setup , still choosing graphics and fonts etc ..


    here is a screenshot of the credits screen option I added to the menu after shooting the above clip



    So now that I have the base menu down, and a couple test builds of the basic game before I built the menu, it's time to start tying the pieces together and adding some levels and other essential things to make a good game structure , then I will finalize with upgraded graphics etc..

    until next time, thanks for reading best wishes and happy coding to everyone ;)