From: PS4 3.0 Update Leak - What's to come?

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Leaked information for the new update for PS4 which could be coming soon, Includes uploading small videos to twitter and streaming to YouTube etc. Have a read enjoy.
"System software 3.00 beta version of the PS4 has been released to the participants for the beta testing program.

Version 3.00 The main features that are updated in the beta
(Event) has been added to function items. From the list of events related to PlayStation, discover events, and participate, you will be able to watch.

(Friends) in (community) has been added. (Community) is a feature where you can find a player preferences and interest is close. You can create a new community, or you can join the already certain community. It can members and games and parties of the community, you will be able to discuss a common topic.

In (Most in the play), members will see a list of the party at that time a game and participants are playing, easily you can start the game from the list, you will be able to participate in the party. Also it can now be viewing request of game play screen to members. (You can get in the play) is, What's New, (Friends), and has been added to the message screen, profile of the (community), (message).

Message screen (message) has been improved. You can view the (Most in play), you can now start a party easily and members. In addition, you will be able to add your favorite group in the favorite group] of (Friends).

It is now possible to broadcast using You Tube ™.

It was able to upload a video clip to Twitter. (10 seconds maximum)

Version 3.00 Other features that are updated in the beta
Has been (Live from PlayStation) is improved. Not only broadcast, video clips, even on the screen shot I was supported.

(Settings)> in the Accessibility> speed of automatic scrolling], we were able to change the speed of the automatic scrolling.

(Settings)> In the News], community to the item you can set the display of the announcement message, viewing request of game play, the event, the current song has been added.

You can now enter a comment in the activity of What's New.

Is added (message) to the (stamp), it can now be even more enjoyable communication and friendship.

(PlayStation®Plus) has been added to function items. You can check the content of free play and discount PlayStation®Plus, you can now get the latest information such as deals campaign.

In the Blu-ray Disc ™ / DVD player, it now supports accessibility features. We have expanded the scope of other accessibility features.

Game of the start-up limit can now be set while watching the age information and rating icon.

Sub-account for the children and I can now be created from the [new users] of the user selection screen.

Harmful use set of services to block the display of the Web site can now be from (Settings)> [Parental Control]. (To use the service, you might separate charge is applied.)

Time of 2.50, there is an update notice from the beta version released after about one week, since it was released its official version after two weeks, it is thought to be this time also becomes it to the close schedule."
thanks to PN for the leak info.

source: pocketnews


Source: PS4 3.0 Update Leak - What's to come?
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