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Halo 5 Guardians, 343 Industries seems to be focusing more on the games updates and fixes than it has in past times. You will now see a new update coming in December (This month) about the games new maps, power-ups and Forge Mode options. As we can expect, the game will be taking on a new game figure as a released leaked image has emerged for gaming fans to start getting hyped for what may be to come this month: ​
This for sure throws a wild card into the bunch and leaves questions for everyone that is looking at this image. Don't worry, I am the same way. You will now be able to participate in Seasons and bonuses that will allow you to play in higher rankings. The first season has said to begin on the start of December 15th and carry onto all the way to the end of January 31st. With that following you will now be able to join games currently in-session with the socialist playlist. Forge Mode takes on a whole new look and will be featured as soon as you load on the game as well as the new Energy Cost's in the Spartan Hub. ​
The good thing about this new game and 343 Industries commitment, the whole update and download will be completely free-of-charge. You can now consider this game the official serviced, updated, and released game they will be working on for a long time to come. ​
What do you think of this new update? No charge?​
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Source: Halo 5 Guardians: Details Leaked
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