From: Destiny First Raid Challenge Goes: 320 Rewards in HM

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The first of Destiny’s new King’s Fall raid challenges is live and the rewards are even better than we hoped.​

Raid Challenges are a new addition to Destiny, designed to mix things up a little for those who run King’s Fall every week. This week the Challenge tasks Guardians to take on the Warpriest according to a set of unmentioned rules.​

Brave Guardians would appear to have worked out the conditions for the Challenge already, however. Looks like you have to defeat the Warpriest without using the same aura holder each time. Easy, right?​

Some tasty guaranteed drops are being reported. On hard mode you get a 320 artifact, a 320 weapon. On normal mode you get a guaranteed 310 artifact and 310 weapon. In addition to you get a new emblem and a Calcified Fragment, as well as a chance for an Exotic. Nice.​

Prior to the release of Challenges for King’s Fall, it was impossible to reach the light level cap because there was no way of obtaining a 320 artifact. Now the path is clear. Good luck, Guardians.​
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Source: Destiny First Raid Challenge Goes Live Guaranteed 320 Rewards in HM
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