Zombie Army Trilogy Coming March 6th , PC, Xbox One , PS4

Bullet Feb 10, 2015

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    Take a few friends, a lot of Zombies, 25 iconic weapons and explosive traps, 5 dedicated maps, 15 gut-wrenching missions and mix them all up in 1945 and serve up in World War II and you have the recipe for a fun filled game known as Zombie Army Trilogy.

    Zombie Army Trilogy is set in "a gruesome alternate vision of World War II" in Berlin 1945. Hitler has won the war and has unleashed an undead army of Zombie soldiers.

    It's all up to you to prevent these rotting super soldiers from taking over the whole of Europe, face them alone or team up with a few of your friends in this 1-4 player third person shooter.

    Zombie Army Trilogy features single or co-op missions spanning which span Three epic campaigns. Face these on your own or buddy up in a 2-4 player co-op.


    If you are feeling brave you can take on unlimited and increasingly difficult waves of enemies in the ultimate Horde Mode.Battle the hordes by yourself or in 2-4 player co-op across 5 dedicated maps.

    If you own Zombie Army 1 or 2 on PC you can upgrade to the Zombie Army Trilogy with up to 60% off Zombie Army Trilogy.

    "Experience terrifying new enemies, animations, graphical effects and an entirely new third campaign with a truly apocalyptic conclusion."

    Coming to Steam, Xbox One and PS4 ( 1080p for Xbox One and Playstation 4) on March the 6th

    Rebellion needs you! Are you man enough to save Europe from the Undead? If you love zombies go to Rebellions official Zombie Army Trilogy website to claim FREE 4 terrifying MP3s from the Zombie Army Trilogy EP, Desktop Backgrounds, Console Themes and more.
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