Youtube Celebs Being Paid By Game Publishers

Bullet Jul 18, 2014

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    We all have our favorite Youtube celebrities that we like to follow and enjoy watching and even trust what they say as being true, but just exactly how trustworthy is the information?
    With over a dozen Youtube stars recently admitting that they accept freebies and payments from game publishers and developers to cover games it should make you question just how legitimate the reviews are.
    A recent survey was carried out by Gamasutra of a 141 video game YouTubers, with subscriber numbers ranging from less than 5,000 to more than 1 million, asking whether they had ever received money directly or indirectly from a video game developer or publisher, for recording videos of games and the results were surprising.
    With comments like "Considering YouTube is mostly being advertised as a PR platform and not as a platform for legitimate critique, I would not be surprised if bigger YouTubers would charge money for coverage," it almost seems like it would be expected that online sensations would charge for reviews or coverage of games.
    What are your thoughts on this, should Online celebrities be allowed to charge for things such as reviews? Let us know your thoughts.
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