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FreddyZVoorhees Aug 19, 2015

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    An open-world game with multiplayer construction, an action game / multiplayer survival, or a dungeon crawler in co-op and first-person?

    Similar to what Double Fine made through the Humble Bundle, Microsoft today announced a joint initiative with Press Play, the developer behind Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Kalimba, and Max and the Magic Pen. The Press Play presented three concepts that you can check on the Microsoft Studios site. You can learn about each of them, and then vote for what you want it developed.
    The concepts are:
    Project Karoo is a game will allow players to pick up basic vehicle and turns them into complex machines (like Lego), and then explore a vast environment to pool resources. Think like a mixture of Kerbal Space Program with Fallout or Rage.
    Project Dwarka presents the concept randomly generated dungeons, you and your Raid loot should have a team of dwarves. The game will be in first-person co-op, the game will be a bit of a kind of Left 4 Dead with dwarves.
    Finally Knoxville Project which is a third-person game inspired by The Hunger Games and The Running Man. All competitors (players) can get out alive, but will depend on teamwork and no team willing to murder you. Press Play wants to focus on the relationship with this game.
    Voting is open and it runs until September 1. Go to game page (Knoxville, Karoo, Dwarka) and your Xbox account you may vote.
    Once a game is selected, Press Play will continue to include the community in the development process. Early versions of the game will be released for the most attentive fans, and people will start to participate in meetings and design reviews remotely via Skype.
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