Yes! Predator Is Playable In Call Of Duty: Ghosts 'Devastation'

Bullet Apr 2, 2014

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    Just recently IGN released a live stream showing off the new maps in Devastation, you can watch the replay here. The replay gives an in depth look at not only the maps, but the field orders too.
    The one thing I was interested in over everything else was if the 'Predator' was a playable character like Michael Myers is on Fog.
    Having watched the video and listening to what Infinity Ward had to say about the 'Ruins' map it appears that the Predator not only appears in the end scene of the Ruins map but also he is a playable character.
    There is actually 2 field orders on Ruins, one activates the Volcano which is on the side of the map, the other allows you to play as Predator!

    Check out this screenshot i snapped from the live stream:


    As you can see the Predator features in the end scene, but the most exciting thing is that you actually get to play as 'The Ugly Mofo' hunting for Trophy kills on 'Ruins' which lets be honest is absolutely perfect to play as the Predator, the map gives a feeling of isolation almost as if you are stranded miles away from anywhere in an almost Alien environment.

    Hopefully I get to take your head and spine tomorrow when the $15 DLC releases on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. See you on Devastation Tomorrow, keep your eyes on those trees.....
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    Craptivision will release anything to flog their shitty franchise. Only idiots pay $15 for the same recycled crap maps.

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