XPG Is Now Hiring Editors!

ToxicGas Nov 3, 2016

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    Welcome to the recruitment thread

    Here you will find all the requirements for you to become one of our writers. Why is it so special to be a news editor? News Editors are in charge of keeping the homepage Nice, Clean, and Updated with daily gaming & Tech News. News editors have an important role here in XPG, they are a very important part of our team.

    What benefits do you get as a news editor? Well when you first get recruited to the editor position you will have access to our gold forums. You will have the ability to Create and promote any article that you feel is fit for the homepage. You will also be able to Moderate, Deny and Approve any article submitted in the Gaming News/Tech news forums.

    What is so good about being an editor? Once you become an editor you have a shot at climbing the ranks. You can start of as an editor and eventually work your way up the chain of command. Becoming an editor is a big deal.


    -You must be able to write an article using proper grammar
    -You must be creative when writing an article
    -You must post articles daily alongside your team
    -You must be active

    If you do not stay active, post articles, or disobey any rules you will be demoted. We take this position very serious, Editors are the backbone of XPGamesaves, you guys are representing us.

    If you are interested please fill out the application below

    Are you able to create a high quality article with proper grammar use?
    What can you bring to the community by becoming an editor?
    Are you willing to be active and post articles for our community on a regular basis?
    Do you have any experience in writing articles?
    Are you willing to be committed to our site and provide us the latest news?
    How many articles are you able to write a week?
    How often can you be active?
    Time Zone:
    Extra Notes:
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    bump great experience for people looking to do this
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    Funny thing is no one is most stuff the website is broke lool like 360 revolution

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