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YouTube XPG Gaming Community Video Submissions

ADDZ Jan 14, 2013

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    Submitting videos to XPG Gaming Community


    XPG Gaming Community is looking for entertaining gameplay videos, walkthroughs, glitching videos, modding videos. Basically the video must be gaming related and of a high quality.

    Commentries must be informative , exciting , on topic and free of profanities, derogatory or racist tones.

    Video Quality

    We will only be accepting videos of high quality for this channel.

    Sound must be of a decent quality and not contain copyrighted material.

    How to submit your videos

    Add an XPG intro to the video

    Post your video in the Youtube forum where it can be reviewed.

    Add your video to a file share site so it can be downloaded by staff.

    Post your video and link in this forum.
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