xm360v2.0d 27/Nov/13 Updated DLC titles.csv & XBLA titles.csv + Tutorial

DellBoy Nov 27, 2013

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    So yeah I just did a full update for all dlc and xbla titles as of 2am 27 November 2013 and I thought I'd share it and do a little tutorial as well updating the dlc takes a couple of hours if not longer for some so I'm sure this is very helpful.

    If I remember I will update this every month at the end of each month

    If you'd like to do this yourself once you have used my updated ones follow these easy steps

    Before you do this you must open the server config file and change the
    #DEFINE_HDD1 = e:\temp\ change it to DEFINE_HDD1 = c:\server\ (highlight and copy this to make sure its done right and make sure the # isn't there and you will have no problems)

    1# Copy the "server" folder from xm360v2.0d and paste it on the root of your HD on pc/laptop C:\
    2# Copy the current "DLC_titles.csv" and "xbla_titles.csv" and paste them into the "server" folder
    3# Run CMD and type CD \server you will the see "c: \server
    4# type XM360server.exe /X and it will use your last updated XBLA titles file and update once done...
    5# type XM360server.exe /D again it will use your current file and update (this one takes time lol)
    6# once all done you'll see both files are now updated copy these back to your RGH xm360 location

    Your welcome .......

    Hit that like if you "like" its doesn't cost anything nor will your computer blow up if you click it lol

    BackupLink> http://www.mediafire.com/download/oudlf56zo020gug/xm360v2.0d%2520DLC%2520%2526%2520XBLA%2520Titles%2520Updated%252027Nov13%252C%2520DelBoy.rar

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