xk3y update news: shipping info, package pic, firmware released

huangyu Oct 8, 2011

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    Here are some x3ky (aka x360key) news from the xk3y official site. these days, they released the package pic, the firmware V1.02 and V1.03, some shipping info shows that pre-order customers will get them soon and also their future development. just take a look.

    xk3y retail packaging
    Posted on October 1st 2011 xk3y retail packaging (may not be available in all regions)

    here is the package


    xk3y goes multi-language
    Posted on October 1st 2011 Multi-languages support are under testing and should
    soon be in a firmware near you.

    xk3y firmware v1.02 released
    Posted on October 2nd 2011

    xk3y firmware v1.03 released
    Posted on October 4th 2011 Fixed "updating when USB device is removed"
    Added 0800 Rip support

    Notice: You need to validate at least one xk3y to gain access to the download area.

    Shipping update
    Posted on October 7th 2011 Since each individual xk3y is tested in a Xbox before shipping the current throughput is only about 300 pieces per day, but we are expanding our QC facility and hope to have a throughput of at least 800/day by the end of next week.

    Stock was shipped to several suppliers today via express courier and tomorrow more will ship out. We are trying our best to balance out the stock so all who pre-ordered will get some stock.

    Development Update: Web interface, API and some more stock on the way!
    Posted on October 8th 2011 Engineers from our team have been hard at work implementing a web interface that allows you to control your xk3y from your iPhone, iPad, or any other device with a browser. Expect this feature in a firmware update in the near future! An API is also in the works, paving way for an Android app and more. (The web interface requires the xk3y WiFi dongle, which will be sold separately)

    On another note: Five more Distributors/Resellers where shipped stock today.

    Source:xk3y offcial site

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