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gold972 Feb 9, 2012

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    Dear Xk3y Newsletter subscriber,

    Several customers who wish to experiment with custom dashboards have approached us about an easy-to-use solution for flashing the Xbox 360 NAND chip.

    We believe that the best solution for hardcore gamers, and all gamers in fact, is Xk3y. For hackers and other people who are more interested in tinkering with the hardware and running homebrew than a seamless gaming experience we understand the appeal with custom Xbox firmware.

    We have therefore designed NANDKey, a super-small, easy-to-use Xbox NAND flash and Xilinx JTAG programmer that provides excellent value for money.
    NANDKey specifications

    February 09, 2012

    NANDKey is the first full-featured, easy-to-use tool for managing your Xbox 360 NAND contents and programming Xilinx CPLD devices.

    NANDKey's unique Windows application allows you to read and write the XBox's NAND flash and automatically handle bad blocks, all with the click of a mouse.

    Programming Xilinx devices is just as easy - simply connect the NANDKey download cable to the Xilinx board, select a programming file, and program the device.

    - USB2 full speed NAND and Xilinx programming

    - User friendly GUI software

    - Fully software updatable

    - Rock solid design and components

    - Ultra small form factor

    - High quality JST connectors for NAND and Xilinx download cables

    - Optional accessory pack adds quicksolder boards and more!

    Whats in the box?

    - NANDKey programmer

    - JST connector to NAND cable. NAND side has pre-stripped, pre-tinned wires - this cable is also available separately in bulk

    - USB2 high speed shielded cable

    - Xilinx download cable

    Whats in the Optional Accessory Pack?

    - Generic Xilinx device programming cable

    - Quicksolder PCB for XB360 Slim

    - Quicksolder PCBs for XB360 Fat

    - Cable with connectors for quicksolder boards

    RRP: USD30 (USD35 including Optional Accessory Pack)
    ETA: March 2, 2012

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